Are You Ready to Take Your Riding Skills to a PROFESSIONAL Level?

Are You Ready to Take Your Riding Skills to a PROFESSIONAL Level?

Ride Like A Pro

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These are ADVANCED classes for riders who want to enhance their riding skills through a training program that includes the same riding and braking techniques taught to police motor officers around the world.

Attending this 4 hour class will increase your confidence, riding skills and safety immensely!

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We promote advanced learning

in a challenging yet safe environment


Ride Like a Pro - Great Lakes

Our Course Outline

The Ride Like a Pro Great Lakes Team is happy to announce the first draft of our 2023 class schedule, and it is filling up quickly!!

A Course to Prepare You for the road ahead

“The Ride Like a Pro Class is focused on teaching the average rider the three Motor Officer techniques motor-cops have been trained in for more than 60 years.”

Are you taking a ride to a destination that requires preparation to ensure a safe trip. Gain the confidence that you are prepare for what the road may bring.

A Course to Prepare You for the road ahead

“The Ride Like a Pro Class is focused on teaching the average rider the three Motor Officer techniques motor-cops have been trained in for more than 60 years.”

Are you taking a ride to a destination that requires preparation to ensure a safe trip. Gain the confidence that you are prepare for what the road may bring.


Once again I would like to thank you and Cliff for a great day of learning to be very humble!! Seriously it was one of the most informative and motivating motorcycle training sessions I've been to, you guys did a great job!

Peter Langford

Donna and I are home safe and sound in Germantown. I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a great job you and Cliff did. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 11, that's just over 42 years. I am self-taught and today was the first training class I've ever attended. I never even had to do a skills proficiency test in January of 1976 to get my full endorsement. The OSP trooper looked at me like I was insane when I rode in on my 1976 Suzuki GT250 in the snow and ice. He asked where I'd come from (Germantown was some distance away) and then said "You made it here, you'll do alright." So that's what I've been doing ever since.

From Key West to the Arctic Circle, from Maine to Old Mexico and in Italy, France, Spain, Kenya and everywhere else I can find by hook or crook. I enjoyed your instruction thoroughly, Cliff as well.

The thing I was most impressed with was that when a student finally had success (or even some measure of it) you guys were genuinely happy for them. That's the mark of a teacher. This kind of riding is the first I've done but it interests me a great deal. Were you ever to find yourself in need of a cone or range man to help out I'd make the trip up to help for nothing more than a little more skill.

Donna is more confident and I thank you for that as well. Very, very nice job. You should be proud.

Allan Howard

I didn't realize I had so many muscles that could be so sore from riding a bike. We were very humbled at this learning experience, and honored that you took the time to really teach us skills we never imagined. Thank you so much, and I will highly recommend this class to the rest of our Brothers and Sisters. Hope you enjoy the picture.


I took the opportunity to participate in RLAP training yesterday in Southfield, Michigan with Gary Lewandowski. It was just what I hoped it would be since I first saw your DVD a couple of years ago.

This training fills in a big gap in my skillset for operating a motorcycle. The MSF RSS course grazes the surface of slow-speed handling, but RLAP nails it on the head and gives us the specifics and practice necessary to make it a very practical skill.

Gary was (is) a very capable instructor and his presentation and attitude were very effective at getting the course curriculum across.

Everyone can benefit from this training and I will be telling all I meet about it!


I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much fun I had last weekend at the RLAP class. Your class was not only fun but I learned so much. Much more than I thought I would after riding for over 40 years. If you recall I have always been an off-road rider. Having recently ventured onto the street Cliff Crabtree advised me to sign up for your class. Needless to say I had much “un-learning” and “re-learning” to do. I believe your class has made me a much better and safer rider overall. I could not believe it is so hard to go SLOW!

I really appreciated your attention to detail and your enthusiastic approach to teaching. Eric was also very helpful and a lot of fun. I will certainly recommend your course to anyone who is interested in learning to ride the “right way”.

Daniel Corbett

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note and let you know I made it home safe and sound. I also wanted to compliment you and Cliff on the awesome coarse you two put on.

I just did a quick tally and my cost for the coarse worked out to $900.00 and 2025 miles and in my opinion it was worth every penny and mile.

If you ever need a spokesman or references for your coarse I'm your man.

Thanks again I had a blast and learned a pile

Dave Procyshyn

I just wanted to take the time to thank you & Cliff so very much for putting on the class. I'm so glad I was able to partake in it. I had handed my camera to a nice gentleman who kindly took random photos of Carrie & I as we did each task. We are so glad we have those now since we have sat looking at them & dissecting everything we are doing- whether right or what we can improve on. You guys are great instructors. So glad I was fortunate enough to meet you both and be instructed by you. I really feel like you have "upped my game"! Carrie & I have both said we would love to do this again!

Thanks & keep up the fantastic training!!

Holly Fawley

This is the best riding class I have ever taken


My ride home was cold, to say the least. It was a real mix of weather; snow, drizzle, rain, and wind; all delivered at approximately 2 degrees Celsius (36 F).

The course....what can I say! That was a most challenging and rewarding course. You guys do it right! The cold ride down and cold ride home was well worth it because I believe I learned more about motorcycle handling, balance, and control in those four hours than I have in 30+ years of riding on my own. I am definitely going to chase all the guys and gals that I ride with to take this training - and I am convinced I will return to take it again with them.

Thank-you Gary and Cliff for the expert instruction and fabulous course!

S.B. (Blair) Smith

On behalf of the Crossroads HOG Chapter, I would like to thank you guys for the great class on Saturday. I spoke with a couple of the attendees yesterday and all were very pleased, I personally got a lot from the class. This will be a learning process. Thanks again and hopefully we can do another class in 2014.

Clive Frances

I attended your 4-23-11 RLAP class in Southfield, Michigan. As I mentioned to you before, I had previously bought the Ride Like a Pro V video and watched it a couple of times prior to attending your class. I very much enjoyed your class! Good explanations, good demonstrations and enough very knowledgeable assistants pointing out student's mistakes while actually riding through the exercises. The techniques RLAP teaches began to click for me during the class. For me the key for the day was twofold: my dawning realization that it really is possible to ride any weight bike easily at low speed, and also my realization that the bike is balanced by application of power to the rear wheel rather that by turning the handlebars when at very low speed. I have discussed the RLAP training with other members of my American Legion Riders group at Post 141 in Howell, Michigan and, while to a man they are very impressed with the result shown in your videos, their main reluctance in taking the class themselves is fear of damaging their bikes. A slightly lesser fear is of looking stupid if they drop their bikes, and a slightly lesser fear is of injury. I am 65 years old, and I was pretty sore after the class, but by Monday morning I was feeling good again. Thanks for the great training!

Denny Robson

The bike and I both are fed, cleaned and resting! Your class was one of the best I've ever taken. The source material is great and obviously well researched and proven. We both know it's the instructors that make a class. I was a firearms and driving instructor and an FTO so I feel qualified to commend you and Cliff for some very fine work. Both of you presented the material in an easy to understand way, you're enthusiastic about it and the tips, hints and corrections I got were exactly what I needed. I got a lot out of it and will likely take it again next year. It's that valuable for me. 1st motorcycle training I ever had. I felt kinda bad for the big guy on the loud bike, but even he was better after than before. Thanks again. Still trainable after all these years.

Alan Bond

I wanted to thank you for the class on Friday! Your class was the single most important thing I have done since I decided to ride about 40 years ago. The class was a ball and I hated to see it end. It certainly points out who should not be on the road with a bike. Now I will watch for cars and other bikers, and in the meantime I’m practicing, practicing, practicing! Wishing you the best always………

Darryl S. Hammock